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Flowers for all occasions

We can provide flowers for just about any event, whether you're decorating a marquee, need a centrepiece for your dining table, celebrating a birthday or anniversary, welcoming a newborn or simply saying thankyou. From a small, but exquisite posy to a pedestal overflowing with beautiful blooms and foliage, we can help you get your message across.  


Grown in our cutting plot and country garden, the flowers develop their own casual character and delicious fragrance. A curvy stem or perfect imperfection adds charm and a carefree aura to your arrangement or bouquet. We will always use homegrown flowers and foliage, or depending on the time of year, source from other British growers if necessary. 


Whilst casual and carefree describes our flowers, the level of care and attention we put into our work and meeting your requirements is meticulous.


If you have a favourite vase or container, or flowers from your own garden that you would like to include in the arrangement, please mention it when you call


If you prefer the DIY option, we can supply you with buckets of fresh flowers and foliage to take away and arrange.


"Let homegrown, British flowers carry your message".

As you've no doubt gathered, we are all about seasonal and fresh, which means that the weather and environment play a huge part in what we do, how we produce our flowers and what we have available to bring to you. 


The best way to find out what we have and how we can help is to get in touch - we're always delighted to talk flowers.

British scented garden cut flowers
English homegrown garden flowers


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