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Therapy Garden

'gardening from the heart
to feed the soul'

It is the simple pleasure of being in the garden and the first-hand experience of the benefits to our health and wellbeing that have prompted us to make our garden available to others who may benefit from being outdoors in nature.


Whatever 'being in nature' means for you - perhaps it's strolling through the gardens, taking part in garden tasks such as sowing seeds, pricking-out and potting-on seedlings, weeding or deadheading flowers, watching a floral demonstration, getting hands-on with making flower arrangements, sitting in a quiet corner with paints or a sketch pad, or simply enjoying a cuppa and a chat in the garden.

We can offer group or individual sessions.


Gardening for Health and Wellbeing

Group Sessions


Each session will have a maximum of 6 participants.

We may include activities such as seed sowing, potting-on, planting out, weeding, deadheading and harvesting.


You can learn new skills using produce picked from the garden, such as making a simple wreath or hand-tied posy. 

Meet others and enjoy a chat over tea and cake in the potting shed.

Give us a call to find out more.

'each time we welcome people into our garden, I am reminded of just how important a flower, its scent, colour and form can be in reminding us of a particular time and place, and the special meaning a simple bloom holds for so many of us.'


What People Say ....

Lucy and Katie,Somerset Wildlife Trust

"Thank you so much for opening up your garden to raise funds for the Somerset Wildlife Trust. We had some wonderful feedback from members and non-members. Hope to work with you again in future."

Helena Y.

"Such flowers you did! Much commented on by our wedding guests, and still beautiful for our lunch in support of the RNLI on Monday."

Anne, Cottage Garden Society

"A very big thank you from the Cottage Garden Society for our most enjoyable visit to your garden. The garden and borders all looked superb and our members were most impressed."

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